Flüchtlingsrat NRW e.V. (NRW refugee council) is a human rights organisation that works for the rights of refugees and migrants with unsecured residence statuses. We are committed to the recognition of flight and migration as a reality and the equal participation in society of refugees and persons seeking asylum. The refugee council opposes racism and is non-partisan and non-denominational.

As the refugee council, we represent the interests of refugees in the face of ministries, authorities and political decision-makers in the state of NRW, and we carry out public relations work in order to clarify the situation of refugees in NRW as well as the situation in the countries of origin. To this end, we publish press releases, provide information on our homepage and via e-mail distribution lists, and offer lectures.

We are a network of groups of asylum seekers, refugee initiatives, self-organised organisations and individuals. Regular meetings are held for exchanging ideas amongst professionals, e.g. the general meeting that takes place six times a year. We support the establishment of new initiatives and welcome refugees who are self-organised politically.

TIP: The group brochure of Flüchtlingsrat NRW e.V.

In our 2016 group brochure, we have put together the addresses of the information centres and initiatives for refugees in North Rhine-Westphalia that work independently of the authorities.

In the group brochure, you will find the following addresses:

  • Overview of the information centres and refugee initiatives in NRW: in the districts of Arnsberg, Detmold, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Münster
  • Central authorities for the registration of foreigners
  • Psycho-social services for refugees
  • Return counselling centres
  • Professional counselling centres for the victims of human trafficking
  • Federal working group (BAG): asylum in the church
  • Refugee councils of the federal states

The group brochure of Flüchtlingsrat NRW e.V. is also available online as a PDF:


Further information is available in the refugee council office, by e-mail or by telephone:

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